Jason Wilson, is a British record producer / engineer / mixer / studio owner based in London, England. 


Jason was classically trained to play multiple instruments as a child, including drums, bass, guitar, piano and cello. In his teens he played drums for the band Angel (that later became known as Reuben) but eventually left the band to pursue his studies in music production.

Inspired by the success of the demos he created for the renowned UK rock band Reuben in his parents’ shed as a teen, Jason was determined to make producing music his full time career. With a modest collection of equipment, Jason founded Stakeout Studios in 2003. This was initially based in a tractor garage on a chicken farm in Chobham, Surrey, where Jason recorded Reuben’s debut album ‘Racecar is Racecar Backwards’ which was released to critical acclaim. A year later Jason relocated the Studios to a much larger premises on Platts EyotHampton, London.  

In the decades since, he has continued to expand the studio’s capability and his own experience both at Stakeout and internationally.  Jason has worked in other studios around the Globe, including Karma Sound, Thailand and various studios around Europe.

Jason has been recognised time and time again for his work in rock music, though he has worked in a variety of genres, including (but not limited to) indie, folk, jazz, pop, funk and classical. His productions are often complimented in the press for their lush textures, energy, dynamics, and powerful sounds.

Some examples of bands and artists he has worked with include: FightstarReuben, As it is, Blitz Kids, You Me At SixWe Are The OceanDinosaur Pile-up, Patrons, Marisa And The Moths, Sophie Lloyd, Bellevue Days, Don Broco, Senser, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Cars on Fire, BlakfishCharlie Simpson, The Stanley Blacks, Fishermans Friends, Bellowhead, Winterfalle and Tellison.


Jason has been credited with mentoring and helping to kick start the careers of several young bands.

Due to his natural perfectionist tendencies and the pride he takes in his work, he has a reputation for bringing out the best in those he works with.

Jason is also known for his work mixing and recording music to picture for TV and film, including the documentary film 9/11 A Fireman's Story.

Accolades include being credited on two gold records, a top 10 album (UK), and recording a 60 piece orchestra with two opera singers.

"I don’t sacrifice quality, and I offer incredible value for the services I provide. I do not do quick demos, I like everything I do to be something to be proud of, and suitable for release. Keeping high standards has kept me fully booked for the last fifteen years! I ‘produce’ in the true sense of the word, involving myself in song structure, parts, sounds and suggestions, as well as pushing for the best possible performances – not just hitting ‘record’.

I have a personal investment in the work I am involved in, so my clients can expect a full end-to-end service from me.  I always aim to understand the sound of each artist and make each production unique and true to the bands’ vision."